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Thursday, 14 January 2021

Return of Spankeefinder - Not yet it seems

Just as we thought that Spankeefinder could plan a welcome return, things went seriously wrong. 

We were all looking forward to being able to practice our CP skills once again, when along came Lockdown lll.

Of course it is all our interests to follow the guidlines, keep our distance - wash hands - protect others. 


Did you know there is a foolproof way to avoid infecting others with Covid? Quite simple really, don't get infected yourself! That may sound a bit obvious, but it is probably the best advice around. 

Seriously, by now we at Spankeefinder were hoping to have launched our new site with updated listings of spankees and escorts. We have received several applications to join our listings from new ladies with services to offer. In the meantime we will all have to be patient. Watch this space for news of the return of Spankeefinder and in the meantime catch up on postings below.

Some GIFs for your entertainment

There's an invitation for you


the unveiling of a beautiful bottom

Well, this is a lively one!

Any excuse for taking down the secretary's panties!

So smooth, so sexy, so needing a spanking

We all like a cheerful one

Oh dear, she's in trouble

Another one in trouble

Nice rythm going there

Always like to see a maid in the proper uniform

The next time a girl tells you she's a legal secretary you will know exactly what she does.

Funny how men are born knowing what to do with a riding crop!

Friday, 13 November 2020

Spankable Matures

 As the title says this posting is about spankable mature ladies. Enjoy! 

Classic Lines like an E Type Jaguar

As many curves as the Stelvio Pass

Sometimes, one just knows that a bottom needs to be spanked

Very nicely upholstered - pity about the sofa

There's nothing to beat a nice sea view

Is it just me or are tan-lines more spankable

This lady goes beyond spankable - definitely cane-able

The lovely Australian Vanessa - not just spankable - look carefully on the net, there are videos of her being spanked and tamed with a riding crop

Another of the shapely Vanessa - sexier curves than the Sydney Opera House

A final one of Vanessa - actually a still from a very rare video where she is given a caning. 

We hope you enjoyed these pictures of some of the finest mature bottoms. Spankeefinder looks forward to publishing our spankee and escort listings just as soon as it is safe for you gentlemen to place a firm hand on a soft female bottom.

Wednesday, 8 July 2020

We know what you are missing!

Gentlemen, it is a trial that after months of the spanking scene being quiet, it will still be so for a while yet.

We at Spankeefinder cannot make the time pass quicker, but we do know what you are missing!

Only a few months ago you could have been holding the cane!

Saturday, 23 May 2020

A few GIFS showing some delightful bottoms

The pink panties clash with the roses on the skirt, but apart from that some splendid tan-lines on a generous bottom.

One wonders how she can keep so still, it must tickle surely!

Very, very nice. A sooth sensuous action.

Makes you wonder quite what happened next.

Oh such a simple action.

Now young lady, that is just cheeky!

Now we all know what that riding crop is meant for!

 Not a good idea to give some backchat when you're just about to get a caning!

When there's no gentlemen to spank you it's a case of do-it-yourself.

Now let's have those pants down while I fetch a strap

The prelude to every good spanking includes the baring of the bottom

Poetry in motion!

Nice action but you're still getting a spanking

The great reveal - isn't tradition wonderful?

There's nothing to say - simply enjoy

Finally, a real spanking, almost

Monday, 3 February 2020

Website Not Showing !!!!!!!!!!!

The registrar of the domain has had a major failure of its server and the domain is not working. Fear not just use :-  and all is working as normal.

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Looking Back ....... Looking Forward

Before Christmas the Roving Spanker attended the largest party of the year run by 2Kings. There were about 15 ladies with roughly twice that number of gentlemen. 2Kings have an informal format compared to most party organisers. This event started with all the gentlemen seated in two circles, with the ladies moving from lap to lap, taking a hand spanking. The building rang to the sound of firm hands being applied to compliant female bottoms.

Abby Joansen

After a break things followed a relaxed format of each gentleman finding a willing lady to be spanked, strapped or caned, before moving on to find another willing bottom. Some of the gentlemen took the opportunity to switch, being led to a far coner and be dealt with by the lady of their choice.

There were a striking number of Spankeefinder listed spankees in attendance:- Chloe, Donna, Jo Kane, Melissa, Sally, & Sam, together with a number of unlisted spankees.

A special mention must be made of Spankeefinder listed Abby Joansen. During the party gentlemen were invited to donate £10 to a cancer charity to administer six strokes of the cane to Abby. At the food break Abby appeared, completely naked, and took up position on the stage, as each of the gentlemen who had donated were invited to come forward and administer a caning to Abby's delightful derriere. The Roving Spanker was among the 12 or so gentlemen who donated and so stepped up when his turn came. Now those who know the Roving Spanker are aware of his ability to apply a sound caning, and this afternoon was no exception. Without going into details the Roving Spanker was most impressed with Abby's performance and unreservedly recommends her ability to take a caning.

The next 2Kings party will be on February 4th, with a theme of Naughty Nurses. This will be one of the usual smaller parties, as the large parties happen in June and December.

Friday, 3 January 2020

Paddling in the New Year

Last year we received a private video of a spankee being given a sound  caning in time with Big Ben chiming Midnight on New Years Eve 2018/19. Not only did the gentleman need to judge the exact moment of each chime, but the young lady had to keep perfectly still while 12 perfectly timed strokes landed only a few seconds apart. Unfortunately, we were unable to share the video with you.

By way of consolation we have discovered videos on the internet of two well known spanking stars, Belinda Lawson and Alison Miller, receiving wooden paddles to the chimes of Big Ben. The timing is not as accurate as last year's video, but these spanking stars give a first rate, and well marked, performance.

Belinda Lawson

The web address for Belinda's video is:-

Alison Miller

The web address for Alison's video is:-

Can we wish everyone in the spanking scene the very best for 2020

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Party Time

Stinging Tails


Location: Birmingham
Date: Sat 9th Nov.

First up this month is the Stinging Tails detention party on the 9th Nov. Spankeefinder listed Danielle and fellow miscreant Emma will learn the error of their ways with liberal spanking, strapping, and of course, a traditional six-of-the-best with the cane. Click on the the blue link to get more details.



Lucy Jones

Location: London
Date:  14th Nov

Next up is the 2Kings party on the 14th Nov. Spankeefinder listed Jess Cane and Lucy Jones will be receiving some sound discipline that afternoon. But, please note that this is a switch party, which means that as well as the ladies being dealt with, the gentlemen present will usually have their trousers lowered for a taste of the same medicine from Lucy and Jess, who are reputed to be very effective with strap and cane! Click on the blue links for details.

Jess Cane

Wednesday, 30 October 2019