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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Stop Press - Stinging Tails party - Birmingham

Latest Party News - Stinging Tails - St Patricks Party - Birmingham - 16th March

Stinging Tails are holding another party organised by Spankeefinder listed Danielle, with a St Patricks theme. Along with Danielle is new girl Alexis.


Just click on the links to go to the websites for further details.

Monday, 13 March 2017

Knickers Down! - Some GIFs on the Subject

Another secretary whose work needs to improve

Fifi noticed the draught in the bathroom

Amanda realises that Felicity means business

How to put off your opponent at snooker

What gentleman could refuse such an invitation

Stop admiring yourself and get those pants off! 

There's a girl who does as she is told

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Its a Party - but Femdom

Just as a reminder, and a possible warning, this 2Kings party on the 23rd March is Femdom. That is the ladies punish the gentlemen - with no switching!

Sam Johnson petite but powerful

Having said all that, if you have a taste for being punished then with both Miss Parker and Miss Sam Johnson dishing it out you are bound to have a good time. Miss Parker has a reputation as one of the finest dommes, and does not need any further introduction. The lovely Sam Johnson has been long known as an outstanding spankee and switch. Those who have been on the receiving end of Miss Johnson's switching are full of praise. That delightful petite frame has been honed to near fitness perfection, and she can deliver a punishment with authority. 

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Party Time!

It is March already and there is plenty to offer in the choice of parties.

First up in this month is the Stinging Tails party on Friday 10th March in Bristol. Ably run by Spankeefinder listed Danielle, this party will also feature Josephine, Chloe and sister Kandi.

Danielle about to feel the cane

This party has an equestrian theme, the action taking part at the fictitious Whippington Stables. Now doubt jodhpurs will be pulled down and riding crops administered. (Please note: no horses will be harmed in the making of this party )
Further details and contact at Stinging Tails website. 

Next up on the 21st March is the Spanking Times party, which takes place close to J12 of the M1. Spankees in attendance Jessica and Kandi. Further details on the website. 
Bending over for spanking times

 Next up at its usual venue in South London is the Bottoms Up party on the 23rd March. Theme is Western so think gingham and denim. The figure hugging blue denim will soon give way to red bottoms. As always the afternoon gets off to a lively start with every gentleman administering a cold caning to organiser and Spankeefinder listed Leia

Audrey Hepburn? No the lovely Leia

The format continues with each gentleman enjoying a mini 1to1 with each of the spankee ladies. Usually 5+ girls in attendance, the event represents first rate value. 

Last, but by no means least, there is the 2Kings party on the 28th March, in London Docklands. Featuring Spankeefinder listed Angel and Nicky Montford. Rarely seen at parties, the delightful Angel is a spankers dream. 

Thats it for this month's parties, have a spanking good time!