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Sunday, 3 January 2016

A New Year Celebration

Emily. "That was a super New Year party, haven't had such a good time in ages. Unzip me will you darling."

Emily. "I don't know how I managed to dance after all that food."

Steve. "Well, you were certainly letting rip to the music."

Emily. "Yeah, and I'm still on a high."
Steve. "Good, so we see in the New Year with some fireworks."
Emily. "Fireworks? What fireworks?"

Emily turns to see Steve taking a leather tawse from the suitcase.
She says, with a broad smile. " Oh, those sort of fireworks!"

Emily leaps on to the sofa, arching her back.

Emily. " Let's start the year with a bang!!"


EDITOR'S NOTE. Alas gentlemen, the young woman portrayed here as Emily is not a Spankeefinder spankee. However there are plenty more pictures of her available from these two sites: