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Sunday, 18 October 2015

Office Discipline

Samantha preparing for a disciplinary interview with the head of HR.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Party Time - The latest on coming parties

Well, there is a choice of a party each week for the rest of October. First up is the Bottoms Up party on Thursday15th. Organised by Spankeefinder listed Leia-Ann Woods, with Donna and Jadie ably in support. But beware this is a switch party, not the usual Bottoms Up format. So Gentlemen, while you will have ample opportunity to deal with three of the most willing ladies in the scene, there will come a time when the tables are turned, and it will be your turn to feel the cane.

Leia-Ann Woods  

The next party is the 2Kings event on Wednesday 21st October. This is a Halloween themed party featuring Spankeefinder listed Red together with Rebecca, Sally, and Xela. The girls might arrive in their witches hats and cloaks, but it won't be long before the hats, cloaks, knickers, and everything else is shed in the cause of another rip-roaring 2Kings party. 

Red, with Red hair, and Red bottom

The third party this month is the Spanking Times event on the Thursday 29th. There is always plenty of action at Spanking Times parties, usually with the opportunity to have a private 121 with the girls. Organisers Richard and Peter ensure that a most satisfying amount of discipline is applied to the willing young ladies' bottoms

Satisfying Discipline Applied to Willing Bottoms