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Thursday, 23 July 2015

News from Ouch!

Only last week, the Roving Spanker had an opportunity to try out some of the latest implements in the outstanding Ouch! range, available from , and most importantly, the bottom of a volunteer spankee on which to try them. This young lady was fresh back from a few weeks in Florida, so was sporting a stunning tan, with a delightful pale bikini-shaped portion across her shapely derriere. After a warm up spanking, it was straight to business.

First up was the Domestic Compliance Strap, which, like all Ouch! products was beautifully crafted in the Ouch! workshop. This type of strap just improves with use, and was ideal to start bringing a rosy glow to those cheeks. Next was the Domestic Compliance Strap in the Redemption Style. Redemption Style straps Flex along their entire length. This design of Domestic Compliance strap is a medium strength implement, ideal for bringing some authority to bear. (Long term readers will remember the original 'Strap of Redemption' taming the eternally cheeky Red .) Thirdly came the Canadian Prison Strap in the Redemption Style, a heavier but completely controllable strap. From the wriggles and sounds coming from our volunteer spankee, this implement was certainly proving its credentials as a true punishment play implement. Lastly, there was the Authentic Canadian Prison Strap. With the holes in the blade, this device prevents a cushion of air forming between the surface of the blade and the point of impact. Also, with lower wind resistance, the blade is less likely to twist in the air. A heavy implement for serious punishment play.

All Ouch! products are works of art, and superior to every other brand. Mike, their creator, is a true craftsman, who understands exactly what his clients are looking for. Everything he makes can be customised to the customers requirement.

From the top: Domestic Compliance Strap, Domestic Compliance Strap Redemption Style, Canadian Prison Strap Redemption Style, Authentic Canadian Prison Strap.

While not a spanking implement, this Single Tail Viper Whip is another example of the craftsmanship coming from Ouch!