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Sunday, 18 October 2015

Office Discipline

Samantha preparing for a disciplinary interview with the head of HR.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Party Time - The latest on coming parties

Well, there is a choice of a party each week for the rest of October. First up is the Bottoms Up party on Thursday15th. Organised by Spankeefinder listed Leia-Ann Woods, with Donna and Jadie ably in support. But beware this is a switch party, not the usual Bottoms Up format. So Gentlemen, while you will have ample opportunity to deal with three of the most willing ladies in the scene, there will come a time when the tables are turned, and it will be your turn to feel the cane.

Leia-Ann Woods  

The next party is the 2Kings event on Wednesday 21st October. This is a Halloween themed party featuring Spankeefinder listed Red together with Rebecca, Sally, and Xela. The girls might arrive in their witches hats and cloaks, but it won't be long before the hats, cloaks, knickers, and everything else is shed in the cause of another rip-roaring 2Kings party. 

Red, with Red hair, and Red bottom

The third party this month is the Spanking Times event on the Thursday 29th. There is always plenty of action at Spanking Times parties, usually with the opportunity to have a private 121 with the girls. Organisers Richard and Peter ensure that a most satisfying amount of discipline is applied to the willing young ladies' bottoms

Satisfying Discipline Applied to Willing Bottoms

Thursday, 23 July 2015

News from Ouch!

Only last week, the Roving Spanker had an opportunity to try out some of the latest implements in the outstanding Ouch! range, available from , and most importantly, the bottom of a volunteer spankee on which to try them. This young lady was fresh back from a few weeks in Florida, so was sporting a stunning tan, with a delightful pale bikini-shaped portion across her shapely derriere. After a warm up spanking, it was straight to business.

First up was the Domestic Compliance Strap, which, like all Ouch! products was beautifully crafted in the Ouch! workshop. This type of strap just improves with use, and was ideal to start bringing a rosy glow to those cheeks. Next was the Domestic Compliance Strap in the Redemption Style. Redemption Style straps Flex along their entire length. This design of Domestic Compliance strap is a medium strength implement, ideal for bringing some authority to bear. (Long term readers will remember the original 'Strap of Redemption' taming the eternally cheeky Red .) Thirdly came the Canadian Prison Strap in the Redemption Style, a heavier but completely controllable strap. From the wriggles and sounds coming from our volunteer spankee, this implement was certainly proving its credentials as a true punishment play implement. Lastly, there was the Authentic Canadian Prison Strap. With the holes in the blade, this device prevents a cushion of air forming between the surface of the blade and the point of impact. Also, with lower wind resistance, the blade is less likely to twist in the air. A heavy implement for serious punishment play.

All Ouch! products are works of art, and superior to every other brand. Mike, their creator, is a true craftsman, who understands exactly what his clients are looking for. Everything he makes can be customised to the customers requirement.

From the top: Domestic Compliance Strap, Domestic Compliance Strap Redemption Style, Canadian Prison Strap Redemption Style, Authentic Canadian Prison Strap.

While not a spanking implement, this Single Tail Viper Whip is another example of the craftsmanship coming from Ouch!

Friday, 17 April 2015

St.Trinians banned - whatever next!

Widely reported in this weeks media is the story of a Bristol strip club that was planning a St.Trinians themed evening. What has this to do with spanking? Please read on.

The story can be found at

The really worrying part of this story is the statement attributed to an officer of the Bristol Safeguarding Board

"Use of school uniforms in sexual entertainment is highly irresponsible and promotes the view of children as sexual objects this is immaterial of whether the persons wearing the uniform in the performance are under or over 18 years old."

The allegation that entertainment by grown women wearing school uniform style clothing, directly 'promotes the view of children as sex objects' is wholly unfounded, and typical of the perverted sensationalism used by such persons. We challenge any 'Safeguarding' official to publish genuine independent research which unequivocally supports such a view. 

But gentlemen, how long will it take before some Safeguarding officer, or other ill-informed official, to conclude that a spanking party where the ladies are wearing school uniforms 'promotes the view of children as sex objects' ?

And why stop there, already there are bans on any video or moving image portraying either the action of spanking, or an adult woman in school uniform. It can only be a matter of time before still images showing the same thing are outlawed.

No decent person approves of the sexualisation of children, or of children being viewed as a sexual object. But, over the years, we have known a huge number of keen spankers all of whom regard the wearing of school uniform by adult spankees as an entertainment as far from reality as the old St.Trinians stories, and with no connection to any promotion of the sexualisation of children.

Let us no be too inward looking, though. In nearly all aspects of our lives there are rules and regulations, promoted and pursued by individuals who consider all personal freedoms to be undesirable. It's not science fiction anymore, Thought Crime is here and now.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

What's the position on caning?

Comments are enabled on this post

This post is about the cane, and we want your feedback and comments. 

When you are ready to cane a spankee, in what position do you like her to be?

Judging from videos, bent over, knees locked, touching her toes, is a popular position, but it is probably very different in the world of the Spankeefinder spankee, some of whom may find it difficult to hold the position.

What's best, feet together, or feet apart. And if apart, just how far. 

A spankee friend of The Roving Spanker, has always adopted a position which she revealed as having a number of properties that qualify as most effective. Of course, the concept of the 'ideal' position varies from spanker to spanker, with probable variations according to the spankee. However let's review this position more closely. She bends over, feet well apart, with hands resting on a low chair or table, some 12 inches or so from the floor. From previous examination, this position offers two advantages. The first is that the positioning of the legs, with feet well apart, both calf and thigh muscles are stretched, keeping the bottom firmly in position, with less scope for movement between strokes.The second advantage is brought about by the differences in muscle stretch between the feet-together and feet-apart position. With feet-together, the straight legs combined with body bend not only create the stretching of the calf and thigh muscles, but also tightening of both bottom and back muscles. In the feet-apart position, there is less stretching of the back muscles, but more tightening of the bottom muscles. As we all know, gentlemen, there is a noticeable difference in sound between a cane stroke landing on taut bare cheeks, compared to a more relaxed bottom. And a taut bottom ensures each stroke achieves the optimal effect and sensation for the spankee. Of course, there are many spankers out there who like a spankee to wriggle around between strokes, but the Roving Spanker finds wriggling bottoms disrupts setting up following strokes, and likely to lead to strokes landing off target.

Food for thought! 

If you have your own views on the subject, feel free to post them.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Party Time - 5th February

You may think Spanking Times are a new name in spanking parties, but Richard and Pete have been organising parties for many years. The Roving Spanker has attended several, and had a thoroughly good time 

Chloe in glowing form

Their next event is on the 5th February at 2.00pm, with the theme of The Golden Globe Awards. The delightful sisters Chloe and Candy will be in attendance, with a third girl to be named. The parties are located in Bedfordshire, just 45 minutes from London, by train, or a few minutes from J12 on M1, if travelling by car. Richard and Peter run small, friendly parties with the emphasis on glowing bottoms, fun and very good food. The website is
otherwise call 07594 054 306 ask for Pete or Richard. Or Email: for more information.

Candy - truly golden globes

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Party Time - 30th Jan

Spankeefinder's own Red is having a party on the Friday 30th Jan, from 1 - 5pm. With her will be the incomparable Jadie, with the famous sisters Chloe and Candy. Easy to get to location in West London, with good parking. Without doubt, four of the best party girls in the scene.

Red's previous parties have been well attended, and highly praised. 

For full details and contacts, click on Red, and take a look at the Party tab on her website.

Red - suitably reddened

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

2Kings Party - Maids in Trouble - Jan 28th

January 28th (Wednesday) at 6.00 Pm. Maids in Trouble” The first 2Kings switch party of the year, when the girls will be in “Maids” outfits, (well in them to start with), and plenty of bare bottom action will be on offer. Two very dynamic switch girls, Spankeefinder listed RED & ROSIE CLEOPATRA will be present, along with Mistress Xela to control the girls, while Nurse bendy and Sally will be on hand to assist in the mischief. This party will be in Stoke Newington

For further details of this and other parties go to 2Kings website.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Art of the Great John Tisbury

Here are a few bottom studies from the camera of John Tisbury. Further examples of his outstanding photography can be seen at