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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Party Time - Bottoms Up - 16th Oct

This month the Bottoms Up ladies are heading into the Deep South, think Sweet home Alabama! All will be clad in tight denim and gingham tops of course! Unfortunately some of the ladies became rather over-excited with the lasso practise and managed to both ensnare and tie up their lecturer in the process. At this party are Spankeefinder listed Leia-Ann Woods, and Katie Walker, together with the very spankable sisters Chloe and Kandy, with the lovely Aleesha Fox and international spankee Nikita.

Naturally, Ms Woods was (as ever!) at the centre of this mischievous act and has been called before the board of governors with the other ladies involved. As you might imagine the ladies will answer for their conduct with traditional punishments. 

Katy Walker

The gentlemen attending the party are the Board of Governors and will administer appropriate punishments. Proceedings will comence with each of the Governors giving Ms Woods a cold caning.


For those gentlemen who switch there is an opportunity to do this during the latter half of the party. If you would like to join us please do let us know as soon as possible by e-mailing us at