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Monday, 25 November 2013

Too much to say for herself

Kiera to student boyfriend. "Oh, Jeremy, this place is an absolute tip, I don't know how you could live here, it may be cheap, but what a dump! Look at it, you have all this useless junk. Just look at that silly old schoolmaster's cane you're holding, what use is that for?"
"What did you say, Jeremy?"
"Oh hell !!"  

Thursday, 21 November 2013

He will be home soon .........

He will be home soon .... and I'm all ready for him. Bathed, legs waxed, nails done, moisturiser smoothed, a touch of make-up and perfume, and wearing his favourite nightie. What better welcome could a man want? 

But the odds are, that when he hears my mother is coming to stay, I will still get a good spanking! 

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Bottoms Up Party - 28th November

Pantomime season is about to start, and getting off with a bang is the coming Bottoms Up party. 

 Lead by the irrepressible Leia Ann Woods, a bevvy of beautiful ladies will be very naughty panto characters. With Leia, other Spankeefinder listed ladies are, Katy Walker, petite bombshell Sam Johnson, and returning for one performance only Aleesha Fox. In addition there are the two lovely sisters, Chloe and Kandy. 

Katy Walker

Aleesha Fox

This has the makings of another legendary Bottoms Up party. As always party organiser, and leading lady, Leia, will start of proceedings by taking a genuine, knickers down, six-of-the-best, cold caning on her bare bottom, from every gentleman present. The usual format for Bottoms Up parties follows with each gentlemen having a mini 1to1 with all of the ladies. There will be a break in the middle for a buffet lunch. The party is in the usual club venue, a short walk from Vauxhall underground station.  


Monday, 11 November 2013

Ouch! - The anthem of spanking

Here at Spankeefinder you will not often find endorsement of suppliers of spanking implements, but the exceptional products made by Mike Connell of Correction Collection by are each a work of art, and well worthy of mention. Not only does Mike have the various skills required to craft each item to a high level of quality, but also has a knack for making each implement feel so well balanced. The Roving Spanker has used many of Mike's implements, most recently at the last Bottoms Up Party where the lovely Molly Malone squirmed with painful delight in taking many strokes of one of Mike's latest design of straps.