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Monday, 29 April 2013

Juliette Tulliver is back!

 After a short break away from the spanking scene, Juliette Tulliver  has returned. Her website has some atmospheric pictures. She has also featured in an interview on the Wellred Weekly .

Being spanked in her personal life, Juliette decided to expand her liking of schoolgirl and other roleplays as a pro spankee. 

Let Juliette describe, her feelings about spanking:-

I love spankings. Well, I love the idea of spankings, 
I love the anticipation, 
the lifting of the skirt and the pulling down of the knickers,
I love the moments afterwards, 
staying silently in position,
waiting, for permission to move, 
rubbing my sore bottom, feeling the heat or the welts. 
I can’t truthfully say that I love the spanking itself, 
in fact, 
as it's happening, I hate it with every fibre of my being. 
When you stop, though, 
I’m strangely disappointed, that it’s over. 
I want more.
I love the anticipation

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Adelaide and Amber - 2 new girls on spankeefinder

First of the new girls in the London area is Adelaide . This young lady is a brunette with soft pale curves, with a personality that just demands to be dealt with.

Adelaide, soft spankable curves

Amber is our second new girl, and is available either in the London area or that cosmopolitan city on the South Coast, Brighton. A very pretty blond, she is ready to be disciplined with or without role play.

Forever Amber

Monday, 1 April 2013

Bottoms Up - Party Report

The recent Bottoms Up party had a denim theme, and the variety of the ladies' outfits, proved that the all-purpose fabric worn by plumbers and supermodels could appear eye catching and chic. The afternoon started as usual with, party organiser, Miss Leia-Ann Woods taking a cold caning from each of the gentlemen. Miss Woods was dressed in a fetching square-dance style, but the stretch jeans were soon peeled down, as Miss Woods took position over a stool, and presented her pantie clad bottom. The gentlemen took turns in picking a cane from the selection available, and after removing Miss Woods panties, each delivered six-of-the-best to her delightful rear. 

With the applause for Miss Woods' overture caning still ringing around the room, she announced that owning to illness, Jadie Reece would not be attending. As compensation for the gentlemens' disappointment at missing Jadies's debut return to the spanking party scene, Miss Woods promised that not only would the mini 1to1 sessions be longer than usual, but she would be taking a second caning at the end of the party. Other party organisers take note: When ladies fail to turn up, it's not good enough to just shrug your shoulders and pocket the extra profit. Well done Leia, your sacrifice and that of the other ladies was appreciated by all the gentlemen.

With Jadie missing it was almost a full Spankeefinder listed line up. Party organiser and host Leia-Ann Woods needs no introduction, being one the most accomplished ladies of the scene. 

  Bottoms UP regular Aleesha Fox, combines a curvaceous figure with a smile that can light up the room.  

Bryony, with charm and voluptuousness, was so tightly clinched into her sister's denim top, male pulses were sent racing. 

Katy Walker, was wearing a pair of bleached denim shorts, covering as agreed by all the gentlemen, one of the 10 most spankable bottoms in the scene. During the 1to1 sessions, those shorts were up and down like Tower Bridge. 

Also in attendance was Miss A, who has long been an enthusiastic member of the Bottoms Up team of ladies.

The afternoon proceeded in the usual Bottoms Up format of each of the ladies having a list of gentlemen attached to her wrist, and, selecting each gentleman in turn, retreating to the seating area where they enjoyed a mini 1to1 of spanking and implements. This format has proved extremely popular. The 1to1 continued through the afternoon, with a midway break for buffet refreshments. Can there be a better way to spend an afternoon, dealing in turn with a bevy of lovely ladies, or enjoying a drink and a chat, with other gentlemen, surrounded by the sites and sounds of bottoms being spanked, or being given the attention of a leather strap, paddle or tawse. As usual Mike Connell was on hand with a range of his hand-made implements, which gentlemen were welcome to try out on the ladies bottoms.

The gentlemen must have been very energetic spankers that afternoon, as by the end of the 1to1's, the ladies were bravely feeling the effects of the gentlemens' attentions, and more than usually anxious about the caning session which is the climax of the proceedings. Miss Woods, despite her earlier 90 strokes of cold caning, and 1to1 sessions, planted her stool right in front the the bar, and invited the gentlemen to each give her another six-of-the-best with the cane. Following her example, the other ladies bent over two-at-a-time, and bar was soon filled with the sound of canes being liberally applied to bare bottoms. 

After the party, your correspondent, the Roving Spanker, was perusing some straps and tawses, which Mike Connell had not put out earlier. Despite very much feeling the effects of her caning, Bryony willingly volunteered to accept some test strokes from these new implements. That's dedication for you! 

It was another successful Bottoms Up Party, with tired and relaxed gentlemen heading for home or the nearby riverside bar to join some cheerful, if somewhat tender ladies, for a Friday evening drink.