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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Midlands Spankees

Two Midlands spankees have recently joined Spankeefinder. Each has their own special appeal as a spankee. 

First there is Hanna, a broad-minded lass from north of the border, who is going to be in the Birmingham area from April. As you can see from the picture above, Hanna likes to indulge in some BDSM as well as being a spankee. Hanna is happy to clad her voluptuous form in a uniform, and be punished as a nurse, maid, or in your choice of role.


For those who like to combine some bondage with spanking, Hanna can be suitably restrained, such as in this picture, where her richly proportioned bottom is obediently waiting for you to give her a good strapping.  

The second spankee to be found in the Midlands area is Serena who is a mature lady who enjoys being spanked. Many spankees leave the scene, while still in their 20's and 30's. At Spankeefinder we are often asked by gentlemen if there are any spankees who are a bit older. 


 Well, Serena is a rather special mature lady. Several times a week she can be found dancing, or playing tennis or badminton, so has a slim and toned body. As the picture shows, she has a shapely waist and a delightfully rounded bottom.

 Serena says that for a first encounter, a gentlemen can spank her, as well as give her the slipper, which she thoughtfully provides. Now the slipper is an implement as old as spanking itself, and is much favoured by many gentlemen. They can now pull down Serena's lace trimmed panties, and in the traditional manner, vigorously apply the slipper to Serena's bare bottom.