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Friday, 13 December 2013

2Kings Christmas Party

 It's the biggest party in town this Christmas. For further details just click on 2Kings

There are an amazing 29 ladies lined up to entertain you that evening. Spankeefinder listed ladies include Danielle, Donna, Ivy, Josephine, Rosie, Sam Johnson, and Sugar 

To get you guys in the mood for some action, there will be dancing by strippers Mouse and Sonia.

Miss Brown  

For those boys who feel they have been extra naughty, a selection of Dommes will be there to deal with you, including Xela and Miss Brown.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Too much to say for herself

Kiera to student boyfriend. "Oh, Jeremy, this place is an absolute tip, I don't know how you could live here, it may be cheap, but what a dump! Look at it, you have all this useless junk. Just look at that silly old schoolmaster's cane you're holding, what use is that for?"
"What did you say, Jeremy?"
"Oh hell !!"  

Thursday, 21 November 2013

He will be home soon .........

He will be home soon .... and I'm all ready for him. Bathed, legs waxed, nails done, moisturiser smoothed, a touch of make-up and perfume, and wearing his favourite nightie. What better welcome could a man want? 

But the odds are, that when he hears my mother is coming to stay, I will still get a good spanking! 

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Bottoms Up Party - 28th November

Pantomime season is about to start, and getting off with a bang is the coming Bottoms Up party. 

 Lead by the irrepressible Leia Ann Woods, a bevvy of beautiful ladies will be very naughty panto characters. With Leia, other Spankeefinder listed ladies are, Katy Walker, petite bombshell Sam Johnson, and returning for one performance only Aleesha Fox. In addition there are the two lovely sisters, Chloe and Kandy. 

Katy Walker

Aleesha Fox

This has the makings of another legendary Bottoms Up party. As always party organiser, and leading lady, Leia, will start of proceedings by taking a genuine, knickers down, six-of-the-best, cold caning on her bare bottom, from every gentleman present. The usual format for Bottoms Up parties follows with each gentlemen having a mini 1to1 with all of the ladies. There will be a break in the middle for a buffet lunch. The party is in the usual club venue, a short walk from Vauxhall underground station.  


Monday, 11 November 2013

Ouch! - The anthem of spanking

Here at Spankeefinder you will not often find endorsement of suppliers of spanking implements, but the exceptional products made by Mike Connell of Correction Collection by are each a work of art, and well worthy of mention. Not only does Mike have the various skills required to craft each item to a high level of quality, but also has a knack for making each implement feel so well balanced. The Roving Spanker has used many of Mike's implements, most recently at the last Bottoms Up Party where the lovely Molly Malone squirmed with painful delight in taking many strokes of one of Mike's latest design of straps.     

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Parties .... Parties .....

Two parties are coming up very shortly:  Bottoms Up with a Moulin Rouge theme, this week on the 5th, Oo la la!  Also there is 2Kings with a Vicars and Tarts theme on Monday 16th September. Just click the links to head to the websites.
Bottoms Up is organised by Spankeefinder listed Leia-Ann Woods, who as the naughtiest dancer at the Moulin Rouge, will start the party action by being given a six-of-the-best cold caning from each of the gentlemen. included in the line up will be those most spankable ladies Katharina, Chloe, and Kandy.

2Kings party will have Frankie. Xela, Kim, Sally, guests Tiffany and Sonia, joined by Alex of Brighton.


Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Angel - New to Spankeefinder

Welcome to Angel one of the latest recruits to Spankeefinder listings. The Roving Spanker first met Angel at a Bottoms Up Party with a school theme. Angel entered right into the spirit of the day with some incredible role play, including energetic wriggling to resist the inevitable spanking. She is a very pretty young lady and huge fun.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

100,000 Page Views!

Yes, dear readers, this morning, the Spankeefinder News Page has passed 100,000 page views. This has only been possible, because you, our readers, have kept returning to keep in touch with news of our listed spankees, and spanking events. The News page was added to the Spankeefinder website in April 2011, with the first of 73 items so far posted. 

A grateful thanks for  your support, from the editors of Spankeefinder, the UK's No 1 spanking contact site.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Final Chance to attend 2Kings Party - 11th June

It’s the Coronation Jubilee, and to celebrate the 2Kings girls will be in a feast of Red, White and Blue – dresses, knickers and bottoms.

They will have suitable decorations and outfits to make this a right royal occasion, and the girls will include WYNTER, NIKKI MONTFORD, SALLY, XELA, and others to be announced. Both Nikki & Wynter have very high limits for CP, so need considerable effort to redden their bottoms; are you up to the challenge?

The party is on June 11th at Camden, starting at 1.00 Pm, and bookings are now open. Do get in touch to reserve place as this should be popular with excellent spanking girls who love to be naughty and naked as well as to switch (if you let them).


 More details at

Monday, 20 May 2013

Cherri - New Birmingham Spankee

Welcome to Cherri the lates recruit to Spankeefinder listings. Cherri hails from West Birmingham, and offers submissive and switch roles. Cherri is one the growing band of spankees who rejoice in being in their 40s, and, having plenty of experience at being spanked, are now enjoying the freedom of being pro spankees.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Golden Glows Party in Warwick on 13th June

Spankeefinder listed Kirstyn and Nikita are organising a fun switch Party in Warwick on the 13th of June.
Many of you will know Kirstyn from the spanking scene. Nikita, has appeared at Bottoms Up parties, and teams up with Kirstyn for switch sessions.

To join the girls in Warwick, call Kirstyn on 07932306673


Saturday, 11 May 2013

Marriage Guidance ..........

"Our local Marriage Guidance Counsellors believe in the traditional approach. Their advice on how to resolve an argument is most effective!"

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

2Kings Party - Monday 20th May

Janna - Maid for correction
On Monday May 20th, 2Kings will present an evening of delightfully naughty and glamorous girls – all as Maids who need correction. So far the line-up of naughty bottoms comprises WYNTER (from Birmingham), JANNA (from London) & ANGEL (second time at 2Kings and still a learner!). In addition, SALLY will be as bad as ever and MISTRESS XELA will be on hand to deal with miscreants of both sexes as the fancy takes you (and her)! The party is a Stoke Newington at 6pm. Station is close by. 

Sally - Maid for caning
Wynter and Janna have high limits and both need a good thrashing so your help is requested on the night, and Xela is a sexy seductress with a cane and an evil streak. How could one not enjoy? 

2Kings parties have a more relaxed atmosphere and activity is less formalised than other parties. There will be plenty of time for action with the ladies of your choice. For further information click on 2Kings to go to their party page of their website.

Mistress Xela

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Marital harmony about to be restored ...............

An executive returns home from a day in the city. In the drive is his 3 month old Bentley, with a deep scratch along the side. He steams into the house and finds Helen, his wife, preparing to take the consequences. 

(Editor's Note: This image came from Tumblr. Does anyone know of other pictures from this shoot, or from where it originated? Click on the comments link to reply)  

Monday, 29 April 2013

Juliette Tulliver is back!

 After a short break away from the spanking scene, Juliette Tulliver  has returned. Her website has some atmospheric pictures. She has also featured in an interview on the Wellred Weekly .

Being spanked in her personal life, Juliette decided to expand her liking of schoolgirl and other roleplays as a pro spankee. 

Let Juliette describe, her feelings about spanking:-

I love spankings. Well, I love the idea of spankings, 
I love the anticipation, 
the lifting of the skirt and the pulling down of the knickers,
I love the moments afterwards, 
staying silently in position,
waiting, for permission to move, 
rubbing my sore bottom, feeling the heat or the welts. 
I can’t truthfully say that I love the spanking itself, 
in fact, 
as it's happening, I hate it with every fibre of my being. 
When you stop, though, 
I’m strangely disappointed, that it’s over. 
I want more.
I love the anticipation

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Adelaide and Amber - 2 new girls on spankeefinder

First of the new girls in the London area is Adelaide . This young lady is a brunette with soft pale curves, with a personality that just demands to be dealt with.

Adelaide, soft spankable curves

Amber is our second new girl, and is available either in the London area or that cosmopolitan city on the South Coast, Brighton. A very pretty blond, she is ready to be disciplined with or without role play.

Forever Amber

Monday, 1 April 2013

Bottoms Up - Party Report

The recent Bottoms Up party had a denim theme, and the variety of the ladies' outfits, proved that the all-purpose fabric worn by plumbers and supermodels could appear eye catching and chic. The afternoon started as usual with, party organiser, Miss Leia-Ann Woods taking a cold caning from each of the gentlemen. Miss Woods was dressed in a fetching square-dance style, but the stretch jeans were soon peeled down, as Miss Woods took position over a stool, and presented her pantie clad bottom. The gentlemen took turns in picking a cane from the selection available, and after removing Miss Woods panties, each delivered six-of-the-best to her delightful rear. 

With the applause for Miss Woods' overture caning still ringing around the room, she announced that owning to illness, Jadie Reece would not be attending. As compensation for the gentlemens' disappointment at missing Jadies's debut return to the spanking party scene, Miss Woods promised that not only would the mini 1to1 sessions be longer than usual, but she would be taking a second caning at the end of the party. Other party organisers take note: When ladies fail to turn up, it's not good enough to just shrug your shoulders and pocket the extra profit. Well done Leia, your sacrifice and that of the other ladies was appreciated by all the gentlemen.

With Jadie missing it was almost a full Spankeefinder listed line up. Party organiser and host Leia-Ann Woods needs no introduction, being one the most accomplished ladies of the scene. 

  Bottoms UP regular Aleesha Fox, combines a curvaceous figure with a smile that can light up the room.  

Bryony, with charm and voluptuousness, was so tightly clinched into her sister's denim top, male pulses were sent racing. 

Katy Walker, was wearing a pair of bleached denim shorts, covering as agreed by all the gentlemen, one of the 10 most spankable bottoms in the scene. During the 1to1 sessions, those shorts were up and down like Tower Bridge. 

Also in attendance was Miss A, who has long been an enthusiastic member of the Bottoms Up team of ladies.

The afternoon proceeded in the usual Bottoms Up format of each of the ladies having a list of gentlemen attached to her wrist, and, selecting each gentleman in turn, retreating to the seating area where they enjoyed a mini 1to1 of spanking and implements. This format has proved extremely popular. The 1to1 continued through the afternoon, with a midway break for buffet refreshments. Can there be a better way to spend an afternoon, dealing in turn with a bevy of lovely ladies, or enjoying a drink and a chat, with other gentlemen, surrounded by the sites and sounds of bottoms being spanked, or being given the attention of a leather strap, paddle or tawse. As usual Mike Connell was on hand with a range of his hand-made implements, which gentlemen were welcome to try out on the ladies bottoms.

The gentlemen must have been very energetic spankers that afternoon, as by the end of the 1to1's, the ladies were bravely feeling the effects of the gentlemens' attentions, and more than usually anxious about the caning session which is the climax of the proceedings. Miss Woods, despite her earlier 90 strokes of cold caning, and 1to1 sessions, planted her stool right in front the the bar, and invited the gentlemen to each give her another six-of-the-best with the cane. Following her example, the other ladies bent over two-at-a-time, and bar was soon filled with the sound of canes being liberally applied to bare bottoms. 

After the party, your correspondent, the Roving Spanker, was perusing some straps and tawses, which Mike Connell had not put out earlier. Despite very much feeling the effects of her caning, Bryony willingly volunteered to accept some test strokes from these new implements. That's dedication for you! 

It was another successful Bottoms Up Party, with tired and relaxed gentlemen heading for home or the nearby riverside bar to join some cheerful, if somewhat tender ladies, for a Friday evening drink.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Midlands Spankees

Two Midlands spankees have recently joined Spankeefinder. Each has their own special appeal as a spankee. 

First there is Hanna, a broad-minded lass from north of the border, who is going to be in the Birmingham area from April. As you can see from the picture above, Hanna likes to indulge in some BDSM as well as being a spankee. Hanna is happy to clad her voluptuous form in a uniform, and be punished as a nurse, maid, or in your choice of role.


For those who like to combine some bondage with spanking, Hanna can be suitably restrained, such as in this picture, where her richly proportioned bottom is obediently waiting for you to give her a good strapping.  

The second spankee to be found in the Midlands area is Serena who is a mature lady who enjoys being spanked. Many spankees leave the scene, while still in their 20's and 30's. At Spankeefinder we are often asked by gentlemen if there are any spankees who are a bit older. 


 Well, Serena is a rather special mature lady. Several times a week she can be found dancing, or playing tennis or badminton, so has a slim and toned body. As the picture shows, she has a shapely waist and a delightfully rounded bottom.

 Serena says that for a first encounter, a gentlemen can spank her, as well as give her the slipper, which she thoughtfully provides. Now the slipper is an implement as old as spanking itself, and is much favoured by many gentlemen. They can now pull down Serena's lace trimmed panties, and in the traditional manner, vigorously apply the slipper to Serena's bare bottom.   

Monday, 25 February 2013

Fae Corbin - New Pictures

The lovely Fae Corbin has just added this picture to her Spankeefinder profile page, which you can find here . Or take a look at Fae's own website at .
That bottom, provocatively framed in leather, with that backward look, just deserves to be given a good spanking.

Spankeefinder has heard from some of Fae's clients, who have said how much they enjoyed a session with her. So if you are likely to be in the Derby area, just get in touch, and you could soon have her bending to your will.