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Monday, 23 January 2012

Bottoms Up Party 27th Jan

Bottoms Up parties all have a theme, demonstrated by the authentic costumes worn by the ladies. The theme of this month's party is the naughty maids of Fossil Hall., so all the ladies will be appropriately attired in period servant costumes.

The is a line up of 6 beautiful ladies for your enjoyment, and for the first time, all are Spankeefinder listed. Party hostess is lovely Leia Ann Woods , ably joined by newest Spankeefinder recruit Aleesha ,together with Kirstyn, Madeline, Donna, and Zoe .

In addition to these 6 super spankees, the party promises the unique Bottoms Up format. Every gentleman will be able to enjoy a personal one-to-one spanking session with each of the ladies. And of course, to start proceedings hostess Leia will take a cold caning from each gentlemen. At Spankeefinder we are still asked if Leia really takes proper cane strokes without a warm up. Gentlemen, we can assure you our lovely hostess does genuinely bare her bottom for 6 full strokes of the cane from each gentleman.

For further details of this event take a look at

Sunday, 1 January 2012

A New Spankee in the West Midlands

Welcome to Lindsay our newest spankee from very near the NEC in the West Midlands. We at Spankeefinder are just bowled over by those feminine curves. Gentlemen, behold the truly spankable woman pictured before you.

"My boss is furious, because I mislaid important contract papers. So here I am in the board room, awaiting Disciplinary Proceedings, and expecting to be dealt with very firmly"

 Lindsay is a model and has been into spanking for about a year.  Whatever your preference for roleplay, sexy maid, or even as portrayed above, a secretary about to experience disciplinary proceedings, Lindsay's bottom is just perfect for a sound spanking.

Check out Lindsay's Spankeefinder page, where there are more pictures and contact details.