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Saturday, 15 December 2012

2Kings Chrismas Party

The 2kings Christmas Party is next Tuesday, 18th December, 1.00 Pm in Camden. Details are at . Other details are available on the same web site, with names of more than 25 participating girls including Spankeefinder listed Aleesha Fox , Molly Malone , Sam Johnson , and Sugar

There is still time to book by emailing or phoning Mike on 07887 762477 to reserve a place. A deposit will be required from first time attendees only.

If you have any questions do get in touch to discover all about what promises to be the biggest and best of this year's Christmas parties with spanking, switch, domme and blue girls all there to play with you all afternoon!

There will be a big welcome for you at the Purple Turtle.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Janna - Perhaps Soon!

Now we don't normally feature ladies who are not listed on Spankeefinder, but there are exceptions to every rule. Here is a picture of the most spankable Janna, recently seen at Bottoms Up and 2Kings parties. A delightfully curvy brunette, Janna is a natural when it comes to submitting to corporal punishment. She could be destined to be one of the greats of the spanking scene. Alas, she is not currently listed on Spankeefinder, but perhaps one day soon.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Belle - New Spankee

Welcome to Belle, a new recruit to Spankeefinder listings. Fresh to the spanking scene, the lovely brunette Belle has an impish naughtiness, as can be read on her profile page. Enjoying all forms of role play, this London based spankee, would like to hear from gentlemen wishing to apply a firm hand, to her delightful bottom.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

2Kings Party - 25th September

The next 2 Kings Party is on Tuesday 25th September, starting at 6.00PM. Ever popular ladies include Sally, Frankie, 7 Kim will be joined by Stella from Dublin, and Joanna, star of recent videos, and a lady who likes a good caning!

2Kings parties take place at Stoke Newington, with station very close by. The format is more informal than other London parties, and the ladies, if asked nicely, will usually accept additional CP. The theme is Sexy Secretaries, but if they are true to form, the ladies will probably discard their uniforms at some point in the proceedings. Click on the blue link above to visit the 2Kings site.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Straps. Paddles, Floggers, and Canes

A very nice guy called Mike Connell, was displaying his range of quality implements at the last Bottoms Up party. Nearly all Mike's items are handmade by him, with a custom-made service at no extra cost. Now buying implements is a tricky business. Swiping the air with a paddle, one can look more like a demented table-tennis player in withdrawal, rather than an enthusiastic spanker trying out new merchandise. The big advantage with Mike's products is you can try them out on the ladies at the party, without any obligation to buy.

Your Roving Spanker was very taken with a pair of leather paddles, mounted on a long leather handles. Well, when it was RS's turn to have a mini 1to1 with the lovely Aleesha Fox, these fine implements were put to the test. They did not disappoint! Comfortable to hold, balanced in the hand, and giving a super sound when applied to Miss Fox's exceptionally fine bottom.

Later in the afternoon, Roving Spanker borrowed one of Mike's canes. Now as experienced caners know, you can have two identical canes, one will be balanced, feeling good to swing, and effective in action, the other cane will be a complete dog. This cane of Mike's was a real honey! First up was the Midland's own cheeky Danielle. The cane being beautifully balanced, made a straightforward task of delivering six, full throttle, and accurate, strokes. Danielle's wide eyes showed the cane had been very effective, but she still mustered a broad smile. Impressed with the cane, Roving Spanker used it on the other five ladies, in similar satisfying style.

Mike scored a well deserved sale, for both the paddles and the cane.

Mike Connell can be emailed on , and his mobile number is 07921 664 036


Monday, 23 January 2012

Bottoms Up Party 27th Jan

Bottoms Up parties all have a theme, demonstrated by the authentic costumes worn by the ladies. The theme of this month's party is the naughty maids of Fossil Hall., so all the ladies will be appropriately attired in period servant costumes.

The is a line up of 6 beautiful ladies for your enjoyment, and for the first time, all are Spankeefinder listed. Party hostess is lovely Leia Ann Woods , ably joined by newest Spankeefinder recruit Aleesha ,together with Kirstyn, Madeline, Donna, and Zoe .

In addition to these 6 super spankees, the party promises the unique Bottoms Up format. Every gentleman will be able to enjoy a personal one-to-one spanking session with each of the ladies. And of course, to start proceedings hostess Leia will take a cold caning from each gentlemen. At Spankeefinder we are still asked if Leia really takes proper cane strokes without a warm up. Gentlemen, we can assure you our lovely hostess does genuinely bare her bottom for 6 full strokes of the cane from each gentleman.

For further details of this event take a look at

Sunday, 1 January 2012

A New Spankee in the West Midlands

Welcome to Lindsay our newest spankee from very near the NEC in the West Midlands. We at Spankeefinder are just bowled over by those feminine curves. Gentlemen, behold the truly spankable woman pictured before you.

"My boss is furious, because I mislaid important contract papers. So here I am in the board room, awaiting Disciplinary Proceedings, and expecting to be dealt with very firmly"

 Lindsay is a model and has been into spanking for about a year.  Whatever your preference for roleplay, sexy maid, or even as portrayed above, a secretary about to experience disciplinary proceedings, Lindsay's bottom is just perfect for a sound spanking.

Check out Lindsay's Spankeefinder page, where there are more pictures and contact details.