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Monday, 14 November 2011

Bottoms Up Party Report

Last Friday the Roving Spanker attended the 4th Bottoms Up  party, and can report having a splendid afternoon of spanking pleasure. Most imaginatively, It was an American Prohibition themed event, located in a pleasant club venue near the Southbank, with all the ladies in suitable costumes. In the line up were some of the most beautiful ladies in the London spanking scene.  Our hostess was Leia-Ann Woods   looking stunning in a chalk stripe dress (think Al Capone's suit!). She was ably accompanied by Ellen May Davis, Kirstyn Gold , Miss Amber, Miss Nikita, and Miss Katharina.
Our Hostess, Leia

 On arrival we were greeted with a glass of Champagne, or if preferred, another choice of beverage. The afternoon commenced with the first of the unique features of Bottoms Up parties. Leia sashayed into the centre of the club carrying two bottles. Despite her claim that they contained nothing more illegal than apple juice, they were found to contain bootleg booze, brewed by Miss Woods herself. It was decided that Leia would receive an immediate cold caning as punishment for this highly criminal activity. Draping herself elegantly over a bar stool, Leia then took her sentence of six full strokes of the cane from every gentleman present. Quite a curtain raiser for the afternoons activities.

We then moved to the second unique feature of the Bottoms Up parties. Each of the ladies selected the gentlemen, in turn, and retired to a comfortable area where the gentlemen could indulge in a mini 1to1 session, including spanking and a leather implement. Without question this format is superior to the usual party pattern, with the gentlemen able to enjoy a longer and more intimate session than is the party norm. After this most enjoyable round of six mini 1to1's, we then enjoyed a break, with a very pleasant buffet being served.

Tall Elegant Nikita

  After the break, came the grande finale of the afternoon. Moving to the centre of the room, our sporting ladies took turns in bending over bar stools so that the gentlemen could make their choice from the wide selection of canes, and deliver a sound caning to their delightful bottoms.

Bottoms Up are to be congratulated on a well run, and entertaining, event, in a pleasant and accessible venue. Your Roving Spanker had previously met Spankeefinder listed Leia and Kirstyn many times, and can heartily recommend both as super spankees. But this was a first meeting with Ellen May Davis. That afternoon she was a picture of 1920's elegance, and is undoubtedly a connoisseur's spankee.