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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Bottoms Up Party 11th November

The next in the highly acclaimed Bottoms Up Parties is on Friday 11th November. So far the line up includes six gorgeous ladies. Hosting the event is Spankeefinder listed Leia-Ann Woods , accompanied by Ellen May Davis, Kirstyn Gold, Amber, Katharina, and Nikita.
The theme for this party is 1920's Prohibition. The ladies of Bottoms Up have opened a Speakeasy, an illegal drinking den. Having caught them red-handed it will be for the gentlemen to teach these ladies the error of their ways.
Ellen May

But, worst of all, Miss Leia-Ann Woods has set up her own bootlegging business supplying illegal liquor. For this she will be singled out for a short sharp shock. At the very start of the party Miss Leia will be given a cold caning by each of the gentlemen at the party. Yes, unique to Bottoms Up, all the gentlemen get to deliver six-of-the-very-best to our lovely host. 
For further information just click to visit Bottoms Up Spanking