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Friday, 22 April 2011

Marilyn - New to Spankeefinder

Fresh to the Spankeefinder listings is Marilyn . And fresh is just the right word to describe her absolutely charming, natural manner. Gentlemen, waste no time in getting this super girl over your knee!
Marilyn - skin as smooth as silk

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Bottoms Up! a new spanking club

Spankeefinder's own lovely Leia is launching a new spanking club. Called 'Bottoms Up' it will have quite a different format to the usual spanking party. To start with gentlemen will be greeted, on arrival, with a glass of bubbly, and a chance to get to know the ladies. Then the incredibly brave Leia will commence the disciplinary proceedings by taking a cold 'six of the best' caning from each of the gentlemen present. After this quite astounding start, each gentleman will have an opportunity for a mini 1to1 with all of the ladies in turn. This will include spanking and straps and paddles. After a break for lunch, the activities continue with each of the ladies taking a caning from all the gentlemen. For further information go to 

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

London Tanners Returns

The London Tanners has returned to the UK. After some time in the USA, The London Tanners have returned to their roots and set up a new workshop here in the UK. Their range includes disciplinary implements made from the finest leathers. Follow the link to their website, which is a work of art in itself!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

2Kings Party - Lingerie Theme - 10th May

Yes, the next 2Kings party will have a lingerie theme. All the girls will look delectable in their lingerie and undies. But, as the evening progresses, some or indeed all of those undies will be removed. The line up of delightful girls will include Michelle, Sally, Chloe and Samantha. The party will be at Stoke Newington as usual. To book contact Sally on 07765 500633 or Mike on 07887 762477. The website can be found at