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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Andie - Still Available - Just Moved

We have heard that some of you thought Andrea had left the scene. We can assure you that she is listed as Andie and has moved further North but is still available in the Midlands.

Andie tells us she is willing to travel, especially anywhere from the West Midlands to the North East.

We have always had the best reports of Andie, so why not get in touch via her listing on Spankeefinder.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

New Spankee

Sometimes there is a new spankee, who has enjoyed success in another fetish activity. One such young lady is Fae Corbin . Already with a successful career as a fetish and BDSM, model and performer, Fae now joins our listings. Having appeared in CP photo shoots, and performed as a submissive in punishment movies, Fae now offers to take a spanking from any of us enthusiasts.

Fae is genuine submissive, and as can be seen from her movies, gets right into the role expected of her. Fae can be found in the Derby area, and is a worthy member of the fast expanding group of top flight spankees in the East Midlands.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Bottoms Up Party Report

Last Friday the Roving Spanker attended the 4th Bottoms Up  party, and can report having a splendid afternoon of spanking pleasure. Most imaginatively, It was an American Prohibition themed event, located in a pleasant club venue near the Southbank, with all the ladies in suitable costumes. In the line up were some of the most beautiful ladies in the London spanking scene.  Our hostess was Leia-Ann Woods   looking stunning in a chalk stripe dress (think Al Capone's suit!). She was ably accompanied by Ellen May Davis, Kirstyn Gold , Miss Amber, Miss Nikita, and Miss Katharina.
Our Hostess, Leia

 On arrival we were greeted with a glass of Champagne, or if preferred, another choice of beverage. The afternoon commenced with the first of the unique features of Bottoms Up parties. Leia sashayed into the centre of the club carrying two bottles. Despite her claim that they contained nothing more illegal than apple juice, they were found to contain bootleg booze, brewed by Miss Woods herself. It was decided that Leia would receive an immediate cold caning as punishment for this highly criminal activity. Draping herself elegantly over a bar stool, Leia then took her sentence of six full strokes of the cane from every gentleman present. Quite a curtain raiser for the afternoons activities.

We then moved to the second unique feature of the Bottoms Up parties. Each of the ladies selected the gentlemen, in turn, and retired to a comfortable area where the gentlemen could indulge in a mini 1to1 session, including spanking and a leather implement. Without question this format is superior to the usual party pattern, with the gentlemen able to enjoy a longer and more intimate session than is the party norm. After this most enjoyable round of six mini 1to1's, we then enjoyed a break, with a very pleasant buffet being served.

Tall Elegant Nikita

  After the break, came the grande finale of the afternoon. Moving to the centre of the room, our sporting ladies took turns in bending over bar stools so that the gentlemen could make their choice from the wide selection of canes, and deliver a sound caning to their delightful bottoms.

Bottoms Up are to be congratulated on a well run, and entertaining, event, in a pleasant and accessible venue. Your Roving Spanker had previously met Spankeefinder listed Leia and Kirstyn many times, and can heartily recommend both as super spankees. But this was a first meeting with Ellen May Davis. That afternoon she was a picture of 1920's elegance, and is undoubtedly a connoisseur's spankee.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Bottoms Up Party 11th November

The next in the highly acclaimed Bottoms Up Parties is on Friday 11th November. So far the line up includes six gorgeous ladies. Hosting the event is Spankeefinder listed Leia-Ann Woods , accompanied by Ellen May Davis, Kirstyn Gold, Amber, Katharina, and Nikita.
The theme for this party is 1920's Prohibition. The ladies of Bottoms Up have opened a Speakeasy, an illegal drinking den. Having caught them red-handed it will be for the gentlemen to teach these ladies the error of their ways.
Ellen May

But, worst of all, Miss Leia-Ann Woods has set up her own bootlegging business supplying illegal liquor. For this she will be singled out for a short sharp shock. At the very start of the party Miss Leia will be given a cold caning by each of the gentlemen at the party. Yes, unique to Bottoms Up, all the gentlemen get to deliver six-of-the-very-best to our lovely host. 
For further information just click to visit Bottoms Up Spanking

Monday, 12 September 2011

Paris - New Website

Spankeefinder listed Paris has a new website, which can be found at  . Apart from details of her spanking activities, visitors to the site are greeted with a short video clip of a naked Paris getting the cane! There is a gallery page with some beautifully posed pictures, and even a page of video clips. Guys, if you likely to find yourself in the vicinity of Junction 29 of the M1, then why not make a plan to call on Paris.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Bottoms Up Party

Friday 5th August is a day for your diary. That is the date of the next Bottoms Up party. Organised by our own lovely Leia-Ann Woods , accompanied by Spankeefinder girls, the delicious Sam Johnson  and Chloe , together with Aleesha Fox and Amber. Once again Bottoms Up have a line up of some of the most beautiful bottoms in the spanking scene.

The theme of this party is 'Debutantes', so the girls will be dressed up in long dresses and tiaras. But they will not be young ladies for long!  Now remember these are parties with a difference. For a start Leia, Miss Woods, our hostess, has shocked His Grace, the Duke, by mooning him with her delightful rear. There can, of course be only one punishment for this disgraceful conduct. The incorrigible Miss Woods will be made to attend before the assembled gentlemen at the party. She will be required to bend over, and present the same bare bottom, that offended His Grace. Without any warm up, Miss Woods will receive on her bare bottom, six-of-the-best with the cane from each of the gentlemen.

After cold-caning Miss Woods, the gentlemen proceed to deal with the remaining debutantes. Each gentleman gets to spend time with each girl in a 121 scenario, spanking them by hand or implement as he chooses. Finally, after each gentleman has dealt with all the debutantes, the party reaches it's climax when all the girls take turns to be given six-of-the-best with the cane.

An event that should not be missed

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

20 new girls in 6 months

Here at Spankeefinder it has been a very busy 2011. It's only just July and 20 new girls have joined our listings this year already. Jump over to the Spankeefinder Home Page to see the details of spankees and escorts who have joined this year.

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Paris in the Summertime

If you find yourself within spanking distance of Junction 29 of the M1, then take a break and visit the delectable Paris. This star quality spankee is ready to be put over your knee for some of the old fashioned.

Waiting for a spanking - Country Style
Paris has a nice discreet studio where you can indulge your whim, and deliver some discipline to those gorgeous curves. 

Playing with gum indeed - That deserves the cane!
This lovely lady can be found in our main listings at Paris .

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Savannah - New to Spankeefinder

Savannah hails from Brighton, a town (ahem!) sorry, a city, which has been a swinging place since the Prince Regent knocked up a little pleasure palace there. There are two ways to  meet Savannah, either hop on a train for a 50 minute trip to the coast, or meet her up in London. Now the South East is a large area for the number of spankees listed there, so we predict she will be kept pretty busy. For more details click Savannah to jump to her page, and see a picture showing off her fine curves.

Those eyes are saying - "oh, but Sir"

Saturday, 21 May 2011

2Kings party - 22nd June - 1pm

'Girls in swimwear' is the theme for this 2Kings summer party. But, as usual, when things hot up those bikinis and swimsuits will be be peeled off. Plenty of action to be enjoyed, and the expected sore bottoms won't be the result of sunburn! The lovely girls in attendance will be our own Sam Johnson , new girl Janna, Sally, plus other lovelies. For more details go to

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Moonglow Centre

Looking for a playroom or studio in the Midlands? Then look no further. The Moonglow Centre is only 2 miles from junction 10 of the M6 and has all the facilities you could want. Themed rooms include Sitting room, Prison, Dungeon, Medical Room, Boudoir. All the rooms are well furnished and spacious, there is plenty of room to swing a cane at naughty bottoms. for more details visit the website at where there are photographs of all the rooms and even a 'walk around' video for each area. Spankeefinder's own lovely Donna is the receptionist.

Receptionist Donna

Friday, 22 April 2011

Marilyn - New to Spankeefinder

Fresh to the Spankeefinder listings is Marilyn . And fresh is just the right word to describe her absolutely charming, natural manner. Gentlemen, waste no time in getting this super girl over your knee!
Marilyn - skin as smooth as silk

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Bottoms Up! a new spanking club

Spankeefinder's own lovely Leia is launching a new spanking club. Called 'Bottoms Up' it will have quite a different format to the usual spanking party. To start with gentlemen will be greeted, on arrival, with a glass of bubbly, and a chance to get to know the ladies. Then the incredibly brave Leia will commence the disciplinary proceedings by taking a cold 'six of the best' caning from each of the gentlemen present. After this quite astounding start, each gentleman will have an opportunity for a mini 1to1 with all of the ladies in turn. This will include spanking and straps and paddles. After a break for lunch, the activities continue with each of the ladies taking a caning from all the gentlemen. For further information go to 

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

London Tanners Returns

The London Tanners has returned to the UK. After some time in the USA, The London Tanners have returned to their roots and set up a new workshop here in the UK. Their range includes disciplinary implements made from the finest leathers. Follow the link to their website, which is a work of art in itself!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

2Kings Party - Lingerie Theme - 10th May

Yes, the next 2Kings party will have a lingerie theme. All the girls will look delectable in their lingerie and undies. But, as the evening progresses, some or indeed all of those undies will be removed. The line up of delightful girls will include Michelle, Sally, Chloe and Samantha. The party will be at Stoke Newington as usual. To book contact Sally on 07765 500633 or Mike on 07887 762477. The website can be found at