Tribute to David, founder of Spankeefinder

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How Spankeefinder came to be

In the early 2000s David sought to create a website providing contact details for spankees and spanking escorts. This website was to be completely free to service providers and gentlemen clients. This was the inspired creation that became Spankeefinder.

Originally, the site shared hosting with another spanking website. But in 2008, this hosting arrangment came to an end, which nearly meant the end of the Spankeefinder website itself. By chance, a regular user of Spankeefinder heard of the problem, and so became the partnership of David and Peter which continued for many years.

The Spankeefinder website went from strength to strength, and rightly came to be known as the UKs No1 spanking contact site.

However, in early 2020, there was a new challenge to the spanking scene, the horror known as Covid 19. Close physical contact in the manner of spanking was clearly unsafe with a highly infectious desease spreading across the World, so the decision was made to put the Spankeefinder website into hibernation.

As the website was to be suspended, David decided that the time had come to retire from working on the website he had brought into being nearly two decades earlier.

We all waited patiently as one wave of infection followed another, until the summer of 2021, when Peter, who still owned and hosted the website, decided it was time for Spankeefinder to return. Finally, at the end of July 2021, the Spankeefinder website returned with the same mission as ever; to continue as a completely free contact site for spankees and spanking escorts to meet their clients.

Spankeefinder will be much as before, but what should never be forgotten is that it may not have existed at all without the inspired thinking of David, so many years before. How many thousands of spanking sessions have been arranged via the listings on Spankeefinder? The answer to that question will never be known, but from all the emails we have received over the months Spankeefinder was in hibernation, it continues as popular as ever.




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