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Soya Bean

My thirst for spanking will forever grow

Hi Spankos!

Last night, I was trying to masturbate to spanking stories, and one was finally going okay until I got to the first spanking part... the girl cried over 12 spanks... and I literally started laughing and had to turn off my vibrator. Hahaha!

My interest in spanking started when I was quite young.  I imagined myself being made to bend over the arm of the couch with my bottom bared. The wait seemed endless as did the fantasy

Bratting, exploring and laughing is what I want out of this... I'm looking for an authority figure type Dom as I love to be spanked like a young lady who has done very naughty things.  I love to dress up and make an effort for a glorious experience. :)

My thirst for spanking will forever grow and want to find friends along the way who will take me in hand and talk about this pleasure over a smoothie. :)

I'm 5,2 and 8 stone, but that doesn't mean I can't switch and spank naughty boys and girls. My very own hand will be soft and sharp before I pick up my favourite implements to use on misbehaving bottoms.

If you wish to contact me, please have in mind I will ask for a photo. This is due to many safety reasons and I will of course do the same for yours too - confidentiality and discretion is right up on my list.

This is only for a bare bottom spanking. I do not offer sexual services, and will not strip naked.

I do outcalls within London and happy to accommodate at mine in Hillingdon.  To arrange a meeting, email me on 

With hugs and warm bottoms,

Soya x

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