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A fiery Irish beauty who needs a strong hand


I am Sinéad, a fiery Irish beauty who needs a strong hand to bring me into line!  I may be a true tempest, but a real, honest to goodness submissive under the right master.

I prefer a slow buildup, but can take everything you have to give once my perfectly round bottom is warm and blushing.  Bare-handed spanking leaves me squirming somewhere between pleasure and pain and thuddy sensations take me to a floaty, dreamy, subspace.

I am a petite blonde, standing at just 5 foot 3 with a perfect hourglass shape. My bright green eyes, rosy cheeks (both kinds), and plump, pink, lips complete the package.

I am happy to visit you anywhere, but especially South West, Central, and East London.

If you wish to find out more, please email me at .

Sinéad xx

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