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I am a bit of a mischief that deserves to be punished

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

a charming, outspoken young lady is seeking your attention.  Apart from my sweetness, I am aware of being a bit of a mischief that deserves to be punished from time to time to put me in line once again.  On the other hand, I also feel I should pass on what I learned, and would be happy to introduce discipline into your life, if that is what you need!  I would greatly enjoy being your cheeky, teasing (but caring) disciplinarian.

I explore various flavours of the play with excitement.  I will be then genuinely glad to be immersed in some playful switch sessions.  I am a charming, creative role player and I can also appreciate the art of a good, natural, sensual spanking session with no role play included.

Hand-spanking and most implements, including the cane, are warmly welcomed - of course, with respect to any boundaries.  My weapon of choice is a flogger.   When I will know you better, I might even let you tie me up!

I always strive to make some bond with the person I share a session with, as I think it is an intense, one-of-a-kind relation.  The chemistry during a session is one of the essentials.  Therefore, I am always open to spend some extra time before or after the session on a nice chat over a glass of wine or cup of tea.

I can book a venue in central London or visit you, even if that would mean travelling - as a girl of adventure, that does not frighten me.  I am a person of many interests, and I enjoy good conversations and cuddles.

Please note that I do not offer any sexual services.

I assure full discretion and expect the same from you.  I travel a lot, but when I am in UK, I am pretty time-flexible and open for short-notice sessions.  If I do not answer right away, that is probably because I'm on one of my adventures but worry not, I will get back to you once I can.

Hope to be soon over your knee or have you over mine.  Contact me on .




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