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Cheeky Nayomi

Petite, playful with a deliciously spankable bottom

Hi, thanks for checking out my profile :)

I absolutely adore all aspects of spanking.  My favorite position has to be over a man's knee for a firm hard hand spanking.  It's been a fetish of mine as long as I can remember.  I also enjoy receiving a few implements such as a leather paddles, a mans slipper and the strap used in a light to medium basis.  Trust takes time to build so I will never agree to wooden implements on a first meet.

What do I love about spanking?  Well... I love the rush of energy that flows through my body from the anticipation of being spanked, how the very thought of it gives me a beautiful mix of excitement and nervousness, how my breathing becomes deeper and my body so deliciously sensitive.

Of course I love the physical act itself, particularly being over a mans knee because it makes me feel vulnerable.  I love the fact that, even when I'm anticipating it, the first couple of spanks still send a shock through my body, how powerless and vulnerable it makes me feel.

Since joining on here, a couple of months ago, I have had the delight of being introduced to a little role play. I thoroughly enjoy playing the cheeky mischievous student, and being interviewed for the role of PA by a deliciously strict and demanding Sir. I simply love being scolded by a strict gentleman, making me feel like I've been a truly naughty young lady. Equally still love spanking in it's own right, playfully or sensually.

In addition to role play, I've discovered I can be rather strict and assertive in my own right (who'd of thought ;)) Teaching adults, who should know better the consequences of breaking society's rules! You know who you are.. ;)

This is a very private area of my life and so looking to be discrete whilst earning a little extra spending money ;).  Tributes start from 150 (local to me only) and would expect you arrange accommodation.  I can meet you on and around Manchester and some parts of Lancashire.  I want to enjoy this as much as you, and so prefer a more relaxed session, lasting up to a couple of hours (with chatting and drinks etc in between spankings).

I do not provide sexual services, so strictly no touching my private area.  I am looking for purely spanking related experience and keep my top clothes on.

Look forward to hearing from you at 

Warm regards

Nayomi x

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