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Miss Jessica

Smart as a whip, and very deserving of one too


A very happy Gentleman once said

“Miss Jessica is a sensualist at heart. Quick witted, curious and stunning, she is a submissive switch with a tendency towards challenges and experimentation, who moans and purrs when you land a strike just right. She is as skilled, fun and creative in role play as she is when entirely herself. Her genuine love for spanking shines through.”

Are you seeking a highly memorable spanking session?  If you prefer your spankee to be intelligent, resourceful, playful and resilient, and a deft hand at roleplay when desired, then perhaps I may be the sensual switchy spankee for you.  I am endlessly mischievous, always cheekily digging myself into trouble, ready to be across your lap with a blushed bottom, or touching my toes ready to be caned, and keen to explore your ideas. I have an exceptional mane of bottom-length flame red hair, and a fiery attitude to match.  I am tall, and have a curvaceous and supple renaissance figure, with thighs and bottom ripe for spanking.  I am an enthusiastic and experienced switchy masochist with a deep adoration for spanking and CP.  I have been playing on a variety of scenes for many years, more than 10 now, and have more than a few tricks up my sleeves.

Bring me your fantasies and let’s make them happen.  I have played with some beautifully outlandish ideas in the past, and enjoy wild experimentation as much as I enjoy the simple sensual delights of spanking alongside a bottle of wine and some flirtatious conversation. Whether it is a dedicated roleplay you seek, or a more relaxed indulgent atmosphere, we can seek satisfaction together. I am open to your dark desires, and am not easily shocked, so if you would like to do something with a little twist on the norm, ask me, and we will see if our interests overlap.

And yes, you read that right. I’m very switchy, and very good at it. I have a rich basket of skills, from playing around with feminisation, rope bondage (I can put you in the air once we know each other a bit better), impact play, sensual domination, sadistic massage, BDSM games and much much more.

I can cater to both experienced gentlemen, spanking newbies, couples and groups for teaching sessions.  I will ask a few questions to establish what kind of fun we seek to have together, so that I can craft an exceptional experience for us both.

Mostly I session from a variety of spaces in London, a few domestic spaces, and a boudoir dungeon, although I do also travel when requested.  Get in touch with me via email at or via Text/Call on +44 7735 054876. My preference is over email, as I sometimes cannot take calls. My tribute varies depending on the venue, and if we are planning something harder, the level of play.

I look forward to exploring together soon.

Miss Jessica xx






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