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I am a switch who enjoys all sorts of role play and fantasies


my names Lyn.  I am mature and in my early 50s.

I am a switch who enjoys all sorts of role play and fantasies.  I used to listen to my parents teasing each other and found out my mother had a spanking fetish.  She was quite open about this which must have influenced me.   I m happy to meet ladies but mostly see gentlemen.  I also meet cross dressers.

I am patient, understanding and board minded.   I act in a professional manner and am good with shy, nervous people.  I see bored people, those in unhappy marriages and those who want to play out their fantasies.  I have fantasies myself and so can understand yours

I am in Manchester just off the M60 close to other motorway links. I use a detached house with parking. 

I can see you mornings, afternoons and week ends,  Please contact me on 07976 393215.  

Lyn xx

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