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Lily Ann

  Submissive spankee with a masochistic streak

Thank you Sir or Madam for clicking my page, I hope you will find everything you are looking for right here!

I am a broad-minded, submissive English lady determined to do my very best for our mutual pleasure.  I have a need to be punished regularly; if I don't then I find myself becoming distracted, forgetful and bratty for no good reason.  I catch myself daydreaming about being bent over in front of a discerning person taking the spanking that I deserve.

I am not in my 20's any more; in fact my taste for spanking only developed in the last decade and since then I have been thoroughly spanked, belted and caned many times.  I refrain from calling myself mature as I take good care of my body and am still very fit in my early 40s.  I'm very natural; no fake tan, eyelashes or bosom, just nicely turned our with a little make up and hair pinned up.  As I enjoy what I do so much I am happy and laugh.....a lot!

I'm not the kind of lady who charges on a 10 per stroke basis.  My desires are genuine and if Master or Mistress feels that I have been naughty then I expect no mercy.  I don't require a lengthy "warm up" of my firm, well-shaped behind....I have taken the belt on my cold, bare bottom before and will again!  My urge to be punished is genuine and if Sir/Madam feels that I need to be dealt with by hand, cane, birch, tawse or even the belt then you have found a more than willing subject.

I am ashamed to admit that I often get visibly aroused and damp between my legs during my punishments and always hope that my Master or Mistress will not notice but all too often I cannot hide and am told to spread my thighs for an inspection of my naughty parts.  This usually results in further strokes and I know I will feel (and admire) the marks for days to come!  Of course this does nothing to calm my excitement!  I enjoy the anticipation of the next sharp stroke and the heat and swelling that comes after.

I enjoy role play.  Maybe I could be your lazy secretary in pencil skirt, seamed stockings and heels or your devoted slave in black leather and boots.  Maybe you are new to this kind of play and I'm happy to act as tutor or mentor to help you explore your desire safely and in a fun environment.

I am happy for you to take pictures for your own pleasure and will also send further ones over the following days if that is what you would like.

Sir or Madam I hope I have given you some good reasons why you should contact me. As I am so often driven by my urges, I am sure we could find a mutually convenient time to meet.  Especially if you do not mind if I carry some marks from previous playtimes!  If you do require a "blank canvas" then please let me know and I will make sure that I comply.  The more you tell me about your needs and desires, the more I can please you.  Any special clothing you like, what I am to call you and even how respectful you wish me to be are very important.

Please contact me in the first instance by email outlining your desires and what times/dates are convenient to you.  If you do not have access to email then text me on 07758 100962.  I do have a busy life and cannot always answer the phone but all bookings MUST be confirmed this way.  I am extremely discreet and will never call you without your express permission.  I have access to clean, secure, fully equipped premises in South and Central London.  There is a dungeon, a schoolroom or more domestic setting if you prefer that.  I am happy to take bookings from couples or singles. No same day callouts.

I do not offer sexual services. I do not allow gags or blindfolds. Any failure to respect my limits will result in termination of your session.

My fees are 175 per hour session or 300 for two hours

Lily_ann xx





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