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Natural submissive with a rounded spankable bottom


I'm Karla, I am a natural submissive with a very firm and rounded spankable bottom, size 10-12, 36c.

I have a variety of canes, which are my favourite implement; paddles, both wooden and leather; floggers; a riding crop; tawse, plus a few other items that can deliver a fair whack.  Oh, and I love a man taking his belt off to me.

I love the sensation and emotion a hard bare bottom spanking and/or caning and can take and enjoy a high level of punishment.  After the initial anticipation I like to experience the warm glow, the cool touch of the hand gently rubbing, the swollen ridges and maybe a few, well positioned, aching welts to remember you by when I sit down later in the day or make me smile when I look in the mirror.

In amongst the depths of my toy bag I also have a number of other toys which can be used on me by those gentlemen looking to try new things or looking for a full BDSM service.

I allow touching but I will not provide sexual services

I am based near Coventry and available for visits in the the following areas: Coventry, Leamington Spa, Banbury, Birmingham, Northampton and Milton Keynes.  Other locations are also considered.

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