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An English Rose for your plucking


I am Jessica, an endlessly curious, eloquent and playful young woman.  You may have met me before, notable for my tall renaissance stature, curvaceous thighs and my bottom length red hair, which frames my pert apple bottom rather well.  I have been on the scene for five years now, getting in and out of all sorts of trouble, but this is my first time coming online to share my delight for spanking with you all.

“Miss Jessica is a sensualist at heart.  Quick witted, curious and stunning, she is a submissive switch with a tendency towards challenges and experimentation, who moans and purrs when you land a strike just right.  She is as skilled, fun and creative in role play as she is when entirely herself.  Her genuine love for spanking shines through.” - A very happy Gentleman.

I am an experienced and enthusiastic submissive and masochist, and a talented switch to boot, should you wish for my touch upon your skin.  I can accommodate a wide range of sessions, from role play, sensuality, authentic student scenes, something with more of a BDSM twist, games, sadistic massage or just straight up spanking.  It pleases me deeply to plan a session together, teasing out our fantasies and then enacting them with glee.  It takes quite a lot to tame my brazen tongue, I get myself in more trouble than you can imagine.  I am told that I have a devilishly seductive voice.  I need a good disciplining regularly, can you redden my bottom and quiet my mischief?

I am open to getting to know you over coffee before our session, whether outdoors or at the venue, to talk about our spanking fantasies, and find out how I can most deeply fulfil you.  I am very open minded, and will be sure to create a space in which you can share all of your fantasies and fetishes.  I have a selection of outfits for role play, but my real love is enticing lingerie, or enjoying being nude and feeling my hair trace against naked skin.

I use a variety of venues around London, and occasionally will travel elsewhere.  I have access to a broad spectrum of venues, a domestic space, a lush boudoir/dungeon, and a more ‘classical’ whips and chains dungeon.  I will only do out-calls once we have met and played a few times.

Get in touch through my email,, or if you want to meet my darker side,,  or text me on 07784 493066. I often cannot answer calls, so please text first. Email is preferred. My tribute varies depending on the venue and if we are planning something harder, the level of play.

Send me a message, and come play with me.

Please note that I do not offer any sexual services.

I am also available for 221’s and more with many beautiful women, some well known, others reserved for special moments.

Jessica xx



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