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Class with a whole lotta sass...


I'm Jani, new to the spanking scene and never been spanked before!  I am a classy lady, 5ft, slim with a good figure, red hair, and a little bit naughty.

I'm no pain slut.  I'm just a lady who loves to dress up and get a bit naughty until I need to be spanked for my misendemours.  I am more than happy to take a hand spanking either OTK or bent across something else.  I enjoy gentle tantalising play and role reversal play. I enjoy play to be very sensual and playful.

I enjoy role play, dressing up and being pampered.  I like to be treated like a lady and am happy to explore different ideas for scenarios with you, whatever you fancy, feel free to discuss it with me, I'm happy to oblige.  I also love dancing sensually and erotically very much.

I'm not shy, I love being the centre of someone's attention and though new to this I can adapt easily and can be pretty much whatever you want me to be.  I'm flirtateous and fun and want to indulge your fantasy, so whether it be a lady of the house or a secretary who has been a bit naughty, talk to me and we can hopefully arrange something.  I'm very good at acting the part, and I'm sure you will find me sweet, sexy and sensual.

I love dancing sensually and erotically very much. 

I also like to switch and can play different roles in this too.  So if any of you boys feel the need to talk about your misbehaviour, feel free to tell me all about it.

I am  based in the East Midlands.  You can reach me at or on 07591 797 296 so what are you waiting for?

Jani xx

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