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Fae Corbin

Please Sir, can I have some more?


I'm Fae and the more I get the more I want.....but don't we all?

Though my roots are in the BDSM scene, I do love going over the knee for a good old hand spanking - and more.  I'm 5ft1, dress size 6-8, long dark hair and pale skinned, I'm fun, feisty and am always up for a good spanking.  I am a bit shy at times and a little cheeky at others but I am always good fun and easy to get along with.  I've been in the spanking scene for just over three years now and I am still just as eager to explore and indulge myself in the fun of it as ever before.

I love being spanked; OTK is my favourite, nothing gives you that rosy glow across your cheeks like a good spanking. I am happy for you to use implements including the cane on me, if you like.  I'm not shy in pointing out my own personal favourites either: the belt and the flogger.  I have a good selection of implements for us to play with including crops, slippers, paddles, rulers, tawses, straps and brushes or you can bring your own favourites too if you like.

I'm a natural born wriggler when I'm being spanked, with good natural reactions.  “So Fae we get it you love to be spanked, but what about spanking others?”  I hear you ask. Hell yeah I do!  I may be small but I'm told I have a surprisingly hard spank for someone who is so tiny. Having someone over my knee, pulling down their pants is like unwrapping a present. It fills me with glee as does catching a glimpse of those reactions we all look for. The slight tensing of the cheeks, the antici....pation.

What else?  Oh yeah I have a number of friends I can do double sessions with if you fancy a 2-2-1. One of them is my real life mum!  So just ask and I`ll be happy to provide details.

I love roleplays and have loads of different outfits. Though also now I am not as shy as I used to be I also enjoy just getting to know each others play style, just as the naughty but totally adorable Fae.

My roots are firmly in the BDSM scene, I'm especially loving bondage at the moment also I love, love, love flogging on my bare back.

Bottom line is its all about the fun and the feeling. Our time together should be groovy for both of us, with a naturally submissive side I am eager to make it so.

You can also come along and party with me, it's always fun!  Check out Central Spanking Parties for events in Nuneaton and Sheffield.  We are a friendly bunch especially me.

I can session for £120 an hour in the East Midlands in a domestic setting or I can also meet in Birmingham, Wakefield, Leicester or Nottingham  for sessions.   Contact me at or text or phone (no withheld numbers please) on 07891831227

Please note that I do not offer any sexual services.

Fae Corbin  XX

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