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My lovely bottom is yours to smack

Hi there

My name is Emily.

I'm young, have a firm round and voluptuous bottom which I have achieved by squatting hard in the gym.   To be honest, for a long time my gym-toned bottom has been in need of some firm spanking and proper discipline.

Could you be the man to help me with that?

I've been told many a times I'm beautiful and have long blonde hair which of course I may or may not tie back depending on what you demand as you punish me as I deserve.

I may have a pretty face but that doesn't mean I don't deserve a good hard spanking from time to time.  So, let's have some fun!

Note, I do not accept sadistic floggings or overly hard caning leaving blood or marks.

Also not that I do not offer sexual services.

Otherwise my lovely bottom is yours to smack. so enjoy it while you can.

I need someone to put me in my rightful place. How much longer are you going to let me get away with being naughty? So take me over your lap and give me a lesson I'll remember and deserve.

I am in based in Leeds and can travel to manchester.  Email me  to discuss rates. Please be reasonable and realistic. 

Emily xx

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