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My favourite is a skin to skin OTK hand spanking


I'm Ellie, a 22 years old submissive with a delicate young-looking face and glimmer in my eyes.

I have a large round, firm, bottom which I am regularly complimented on and have a very slim, toned physique with a tiny waist.  I am 5'6 in height and have shiny blonde hair.

I enjoy nothing more than being bent over the knee of a dominant gentleman, being put in my place and spanked for being the naughty girl I am.  My favourite is a skin to skin OTK hand spanking.  My pale cheeks redden eaglerly and you'll soon see your work in handprints on my perky bottom, as well as feel the heat radiating off my hot soft skin.

I love role play, and will fulfil any role you want.  I must say my favourite is teacher/student, but I'm totally versatile and very much welcome your ideas.  I can be your innocent girly princess, your lazy secretary, your naughty nurse or whatever you desire.

Please note I do not offer any sexual services of any kind. I also do not allow sadistic floggings and have a safe word you must respect.

I am based in Cheshire and can visit locally, or we can book a Travel Lodge/Premier Inn for the occasion.

I offer a rate of 180 for the first hour, and 160 per additional hour.

I look forward to meeting you, don't hesitate to contact me, look at my round bottom; it's just waiting for your touch, or smack should I say.

Please email me on and from there I can give you my phone number and further contact details.

See you soon.. Sir

Ellie xx




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