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Abigail Evans

Well-rounded bottom that asks to be spanked

My nameís Abigail Evans and Iím a 22 year old girl whoís just finished University.  Along with my other hobbies, I enjoy being punished, humiliated and dominated.  Luckily, I seem to be very good at getting charming gentlemen to oblige.

Iíve had these fantasies for as long as I can remember. Iíve always been attracted to authority figures, pain and punishment. I can be very badly behaved at times, but really I just want to be told that Iím a good girl.

Iím a natural submissive, and Iím often told that I make people feel very dominant. I love to please, and to serve, even when that involves being spanked hard.  Many of my initial fantasies of being controlled emerged while I was at school.   Iím attracted to the inflexible hierarchy of the workplace.  Whether itís a modern secretary or a Victorian maid, I love the feeling of being wholly at your mercy, forced to do anything to keep my job.  I have a whole range of outfits to help create the fantasy, including a maidís outfit, lingerie, corsets, pyjamas, gymwear and many others.  Whether an intense one-off experience or a regular, evolving D/s experience, Iíd love to meet you.

I provide a wide range of implements for you to use on me, including paddles, tawse, whips and canes.  I love to be spanked on my bare bottom, and I have a very good pain tolerance. I like to leave, chastised and reddened, with lots of naughty memories on the journey home, but I never arrive with any marks.  As well as being bent, naked, over your knee or a desk for my bottom to be spanked, I like other punishments too.  I enjoy the flogger on my back, slapped thighs, and swift smacks to the hand with a ruler or strap.  Submission is the heart of what I offer, and so if a particular punishment pleases you, Iíll probably enjoy enduring it.

As my photos show, I have long red hair and a slim size 10 figure. I have pale skin, with no tattoos or piercings, and a perfectly rounded, firm, bottom.  Discretion is important to me, as Iím sure it is to you.  Iím well-educated and have a wide range of interests; talking to me is always easy.  Thatís why there are no face photos here, but if you get in touch with me, Iím happy to send you some.  Iím always complimented on how pretty I am, and I hope you agree.

I work from a room in Central London, and am very flexible when it comes to times.  Get in touch at  and we can create the perfect scene for us.

If youíd like to know a bit more about me, and see some exclusive photos, check out my blog or follow me in Twitter.

Please note that I do not offer any sexual services

Hope to hear from you soon,

Abigail. XX


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