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Thursday, 14 January 2021

Return of Spankeefinder - Not yet it seems

Just as we thought that Spankeefinder could plan a welcome return, things went seriously wrong. 

We were all looking forward to being able to practice our CP skills once again, when along came Lockdown lll.

Of course it is all our interests to follow the guidlines, keep our distance - wash hands - protect others. 


Did you know there is a foolproof way to avoid infecting others with Covid? Quite simple really, don't get infected yourself! That may sound a bit obvious, but it is probably the best advice around. 

Seriously, by now we at Spankeefinder were hoping to have launched our new site with updated listings of spankees and escorts. We have received several applications to join our listings from new ladies with services to offer. In the meantime we will all have to be patient. Watch this space for news of the return of Spankeefinder and in the meantime catch up on postings below.