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Friday, 13 November 2020

Spankable Matures

 As the title says this posting is about spankable mature ladies. Enjoy! 

Classic Lines like an E Type Jaguar

As many curves as the Stelvio Pass

Sometimes, one just knows that a bottom needs to be spanked

Very nicely upholstered - pity about the sofa

There's nothing to beat a nice sea view

Is it just me or are tan-lines more spankable

This lady goes beyond spankable - definitely cane-able

The lovely Australian Vanessa - not just spankable - look carefully on the net, there are videos of her being spanked and tamed with a riding crop

Another of the shapely Vanessa - sexier curves than the Sydney Opera House

A final one of Vanessa - actually a still from a very rare video where she is given a caning. 

We hope you enjoyed these pictures of some of the finest mature bottoms. Spankeefinder looks forward to publishing our spankee and escort listings just as soon as it is safe for you gentlemen to place a firm hand on a soft female bottom.