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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

50 Shades of .....What Exactly?

Here at Spankeefinder we don't often review books or videos. This month we were shown a copy of "Fifty Shades of Reality" a book written by Cheeky Little Bottom a previously listed spankee on Spankeefinder.

When a title says "Fifty Shades" of just about anything, except the famous trilogy written by E L James, there is more than a hint of 'climbing on the bandwagon'.

The book consists a very brief accounts of scenarios with fifty different spanking clients. Spankers may find the descriptions all too brief with hardly any detail of actual spanking. Nevertheless it has been found to be amusing to 'vanilla' readers.

There are a large number of photographs of the very pretty Cheeky Little Bottom herself, with a glowing pink bottom.

Would we recommend it? For experienced hands-on spankers, the written prose, and occasional verse, is probably rather lightweight, but for the book reading public that fancy something a bit different, it could be an entertaining read.

BUT BUT BUT BUT  ..............

For you keen spankers, there is a 20 minute video, freely available on the internet, which stars Cheeky Little Bottom. Without doubt when it comes to hand spanking this video has first class action even if the video quality has suffered over time. This video is action packed with medium to hard hand spanking, with a little paddling thrown in. Cheeky Little Bottom, wherever you are today, our thanks for making that spanking video.

To view this video, click on the link below