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Tuesday, 2 January 2018

The Stroke(s) of Midnight

Eleven more to go!

One couple in the spanking scene found a novel way to celebrate the New Year. In a video received this morning they are first seen just a few moments before Midnight, she bending over presenting a delightful bare bottom, he holding a cane at the ready. The notes of the Westminster chimes can be heard, followed by that pause before the famous Big Ben bell begins to ring the hour. Then, in time with each striking of the great bell, he administers a firm stroke of the cane. Less than a minute later, with the last reverberating 'Bong' of Big Ben fading away, there are twelve red marks across the cheeks of her bottom.

Our congratulations to the couple for the novel idea, and, as it was a cold caning, the lady deserves special mention, particularly as she is still feeling the effect ! 

Unfortunately, for reasons of confidentiality, we are unable to share the video with our readers. The above photo is from our stock and not the lady in the video.

Can we wish everyone in the spanking scene a happy and prosperous 2018.