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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

2Kings Party - Monday 20th May

Janna - Maid for correction
On Monday May 20th, 2Kings will present an evening of delightfully naughty and glamorous girls – all as Maids who need correction. So far the line-up of naughty bottoms comprises WYNTER (from Birmingham), JANNA (from London) & ANGEL (second time at 2Kings and still a learner!). In addition, SALLY will be as bad as ever and MISTRESS XELA will be on hand to deal with miscreants of both sexes as the fancy takes you (and her)! The party is a Stoke Newington at 6pm. Station is close by. 

Sally - Maid for caning
Wynter and Janna have high limits and both need a good thrashing so your help is requested on the night, and Xela is a sexy seductress with a cane and an evil streak. How could one not enjoy? 

2Kings parties have a more relaxed atmosphere and activity is less formalised than other parties. There will be plenty of time for action with the ladies of your choice. For further information click on 2Kings to go to their party page of their website.

Mistress Xela