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Monday, 29 April 2013

Juliette Tulliver is back!

 After a short break away from the spanking scene, Juliette Tulliver  has returned. Her website has some atmospheric pictures. She has also featured in an interview on the Wellred Weekly .

Being spanked in her personal life, Juliette decided to expand her liking of schoolgirl and other roleplays as a pro spankee. 

Let Juliette describe, her feelings about spanking:-

I love spankings. Well, I love the idea of spankings, 
I love the anticipation, 
the lifting of the skirt and the pulling down of the knickers,
I love the moments afterwards, 
staying silently in position,
waiting, for permission to move, 
rubbing my sore bottom, feeling the heat or the welts. 
I can’t truthfully say that I love the spanking itself, 
in fact, 
as it's happening, I hate it with every fibre of my being. 
When you stop, though, 
I’m strangely disappointed, that it’s over. 
I want more.
I love the anticipation