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Coronavirus changes - main Spankeefinder site suspended

Coronavirus changes - main Spankeefinder site suspended
The main Spankeefinder website has bee suspended for the time being but watch this blog page for news of the return. While waiting to visit your favourite spankees why not carry on reading the posts on this blog

Monday, 29 April 2013

Juliette Tulliver is back!

 After a short break away from the spanking scene, Juliette Tulliver  has returned. Her website has some atmospheric pictures. She has also featured in an interview on the Wellred Weekly .

Being spanked in her personal life, Juliette decided to expand her liking of schoolgirl and other roleplays as a pro spankee. 

Let Juliette describe, her feelings about spanking:-

I love spankings. Well, I love the idea of spankings, 
I love the anticipation, 
the lifting of the skirt and the pulling down of the knickers,
I love the moments afterwards, 
staying silently in position,
waiting, for permission to move, 
rubbing my sore bottom, feeling the heat or the welts. 
I can’t truthfully say that I love the spanking itself, 
in fact, 
as it's happening, I hate it with every fibre of my being. 
When you stop, though, 
I’m strangely disappointed, that it’s over. 
I want more.
I love the anticipation