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Friday, 22 July 2011

Bottoms Up Party

Friday 5th August is a day for your diary. That is the date of the next Bottoms Up party. Organised by our own lovely Leia-Ann Woods , accompanied by Spankeefinder girls, the delicious Sam Johnson  and Chloe , together with Aleesha Fox and Amber. Once again Bottoms Up have a line up of some of the most beautiful bottoms in the spanking scene.

The theme of this party is 'Debutantes', so the girls will be dressed up in long dresses and tiaras. But they will not be young ladies for long!  Now remember these are parties with a difference. For a start Leia, Miss Woods, our hostess, has shocked His Grace, the Duke, by mooning him with her delightful rear. There can, of course be only one punishment for this disgraceful conduct. The incorrigible Miss Woods will be made to attend before the assembled gentlemen at the party. She will be required to bend over, and present the same bare bottom, that offended His Grace. Without any warm up, Miss Woods will receive on her bare bottom, six-of-the-best with the cane from each of the gentlemen.

After cold-caning Miss Woods, the gentlemen proceed to deal with the remaining debutantes. Each gentleman gets to spend time with each girl in a 121 scenario, spanking them by hand or implement as he chooses. Finally, after each gentleman has dealt with all the debutantes, the party reaches it's climax when all the girls take turns to be given six-of-the-best with the cane.

An event that should not be missed